Privacy Policy

Do we keep the text you rewrite?

No, we don't.

The question we get asked a lot is whether we save the text you use in Our answer is simple: we don't keep or sell your text. What you rewrite is yours and yours alone.

What else is important to know?

We run our website just like any other, without doing anything out of the ordinary. Most importantly, we don't collect any details that can tell us who you are.

How we use cookies

Remembering your choices

We use cookies and local storage to save your preferences. This makes your future visits more convenient. For example, if you rewrite something today, it'll be there when you come back. You can choose to accept or reject these cookies anytime.

Testing new features

We sometimes test new features, like changing the color of a button, to see which option you like better. Cookies help us keep track of which group you're in for these tests.

Showing ads

Ads help us keep Sentence Rewriter free for you. We work with third-party ad companies that might use cookies to show you ads based on your interest. We don't control what these ads collect, and it's not linked to your activity on our tool. Remember, we don't share your rewritten text with advertisers.

Safety and third-party links

While we show ads, we're not in partnership with the advertised services. We can't promise the safety or privacy of any information you give to these third parties. This privacy policy doesn't cover what these third parties do. If you visit another site or service from ours, check their privacy policy too.

Learning from your visits

We use Google Analytics to understand how you use our site and where you come from. This information is anonymous, meaning we can't trace it back to you.

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