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Understanding Our Rules

Who Can Use Sentence Rewriter: We've built this tool for everyone, but we can't promise it works everywhere or for every purpose. If you're using our site, make sure it's okay in your area. Using our site is your choice, and we're not responsible for any issues that come up because of where you use it.

Following the Rules

If we find something in the rules that doesn't quite work, the rest of the rules still apply. If we don't enforce a rule right away, it doesn't mean we never will.

How to Use Sentence Rewriter

Your Information

If we ask for your details, please keep them up to date. We need accurate information to help you out.

How to Access

Please use our website the way we've set it up. Don't try to get in using backdoors like scripts or web crawlers.

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Your Documents

When you upload text, it stays on our servers. We check it against the web and our own checks to help with plagiarism. You can delete your documents anytime. We won't use your documents to check others' work without your permission.

Our Responsibility

We Try Our Best: We're doing our best to make sure everything works right, but we can't promise everything will be perfect. If you spot a mistake, let us know!


We might update the site without telling you ahead of time.

Your Stuff

We're not responsible if something happens to your text or if it gets lost. We also can't promise our site will be free from tech troubles. If using Sentence Rewriter costs you money for repairs or data, that's on you.

Other Websites

Sometimes, we might show links to other websites. We're not in charge of what's on those sites, so be careful and check them out at your own risk.

Remember, by using Sentence Rewriter, you're saying you understand and agree to these terms. Happy rewriting!

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